What is your pet's name?

Momo - Simple and Natural

Like many other pet owners in the world,
you probably named your pet MOMO.
Wonderful choice!

It's such a lovely, vivid and friendly name~
Simple, natural are the principles we hold on to
when we choose the food for our beloved pets.

Let them eat well and live healthily,
are what we're always striving to achieve.

As a German brand, we work deliberately.

For the well-being of the animals we love,
we do our best to bring
natural and healthy foods
which our pets love~

We carefully choose premium ingredients for our products so that your pets can...

Beautiful Feline Cat Eating


Food is essential, great food is even more essential!

To make sure our cats eat well, we pick the best ingredients. All our foods are human grade, natural without preservatives. We added Taurine to keep our cats' hearts and eyes healthy.

Good food, eat well, live healthy!

Cat Drinking Water In a Sunny Day


Let your cats take in more liquid while they eat, it's good for their system.

We make soup for cats so that they can enjoy the delicious meats while sipping up the tasty soup.

Fish Varieties


Who doesn't like varieties!? We expand the food selection with Sardine, Mackerel, Shrimp, Mussel and many more! Let your cats eat with joy~

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Cat Canned Food


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